Hurricanes– Leaving Green Footprints

Well, after finally getting a notice that my next batch of seedlings were ready to be picked up on a Friday afternoon, I was ready to head down to Goldsboro, NC to continue planting and get Green Footprints moving back along. Once again, however, things didn’t turn out as planned—in a much different way. Southeastern North Carolina was hammered with rain by Hurricane Matthew that Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with wind and rain so intense I had to stay put (Turtle’s big wind-catching boxy frame and leaky windshield don’t do well in the elements). I was fortunate to receive only about 9 inches of rain just outside of the Raleigh area; to the south, Fayetteville and Goldsboro were not so lucky. 14-15 inches of rain caused unprecedented flooding, with entire towns being evacuated and nearly every road closed. The nursery I had planned on heading to is closed for at least a few weeks assessing the flood damage, so I’ll have to locate another nursery down here soon. Best of luck to the NC Forestry’s nursery in Goldsboro NC!

On a positive note, Turtle is finally happy and healthy again! After intermittent starting issues for the past few months, I finally identified a faulty ignition coil that wasn’t putting out enough voltage to create proper spark. And, after judicious splicing and electrical finagling, for the first time since I’ve owned it, Turtle’s got a new (and operational) horn! It’s even the endearing little nasally buzz that you’d expect to imagine emanating from a boxy green VW bus.

I’m slowly making my way to getting healthy again—running small amount here and there, and working hard to get fully healthy. It’s been really tough mentally and physically to have to hit the pause button so early on in the journey, but we’re not letting anything get in the way of promoting awareness and inspiring people to live more sustainably!

On the theme of staying positive, here’s a couple of recent stories that show we’re moving in a more environmentally conscious direction. You may have heard about the huge blackout in South Australia following a storm a few weeks ago, and the ensuing political backlash against renewable energy that followed in an effort to shift back to more ‘traditional’ fossil fuel sources. Fortunately, as you can read about here, the public isn’t buying this ploy,  showing that people understand the importance of clean energy sources for the continued health of the earth.

Speaking of renewable energy technology, you may have heard the news over the summer about the new material being pursued as an alternative to silicone in making solar panels. Perovskite is a easily and cheaply produced crystalline structure that allows for even higher efficiency solar cells than those made of rarer and more expensive silicone. It’s still being researched, however, as it’s much less physically robust and breaks down easily when exposed to moisture. That’s not stopping research from pursuing it, however, as you can read about here.  I’d be willing to bet we’ll be hearing more about this in the near future!

How have you left your Green Footprint this week? Comment below and let us know!



2 thoughts on “Hurricanes– Leaving Green Footprints

  1. Hello,
    We are a family of 4 living in Seattle. We are planting trees in WA on a regular basis and are climate activists. We also have a VW, Willie. We would love to meet up with you once you reach the Pacific NW. Maybe you can join our monthly meetings were you can inspire and get inspired what our local youth is doing.


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