Monthly Trash for 2017!

One of the missions of Green Footprints is to live a minimal-waste lifestyle, and to only produce 1 lb or less of landfill waste each month. The results are in– and I did it! For the total of 2017, I threw nothing away for the entirety of each month, collecting each piece of trash to be weighed at the end of the month. I ended up totaling 7.5 lbs of trash for the entire year! (You can see the photos and totals for January-July, as well as tips for reducing your own waste, here). It has been an interesting experiment, hanging on to everything I can’t recycle or compost, and has made me much more cognizant of just how much trash you can produce if you don’t pay attention– but also how easy it is to bring that number down near zero with just a little bit of attention and planning.

Next up, we’ll be heading to Hawaii at the end of January! Stay tuned for our tropical adventure with some of the local environmental groups on the island of Maui.

August 2017:  9 oz.


September 2017: 8 oz.


October 2017: 7 oz.


November 2017: 13 oz.


December 2017: 15 oz.


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