Green Footprints Project

I am undertaking a journey that will take me to every state in the US, cover 2,500 miles of running on foot, and see 2,500 trees planted around the country. Traveling in Turtle, the green 1977 VW van, I am planting 50 trees in each of the 50 states in the US and running a mile for every tree I plant, traveling to promoting environmentally sustainable living practices with my lifestyle.

On the journey I am pledging to produce less than one pound of landfill waste per month and to generate zero edible food waste for the entire trip. And you can help! Each $1 donated will fund one tree that I will be planting on the journey, with the total fundraising goal at $2,500.

Go here to donate now!

Green Footprints Austen Hughes 1

We wholeheartedly encourage people to plant trees in their own area as well! Any tree you plant for Green Footprints will be featured in the latest blog post here, Just send an email to with a photo of your tree with your name and location! Follow along as Turtle and I travel across the country promoting a physically active and ecologically conscious lifestyle! You can check out more on Instagram and Facebook, as well.