Transportation & Electricity

Your vehicle emits a huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere– at 25 mpg, every hundred miles you drive puts 66 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Considering the average person drives 12,000 miles in a year, that’s almost 8,000 pounds of CO2. Need some groceries? Likely it’s only a couple miles away. Walk, bike or run to do your errands when possible– which is more often than most people think!

Thousands of miles are driven transporting foods and goods to your local supermarket and stores. Chances are there aren’t any banana farms nearby in Colorado– but who doesn’t love bananas?  Buy local whenever possible to reduce these hidden carbon emissions.

Driving isn’t the only source of carbon emissions– there’s a decent chance the electricity in your home comes from coal or other fossil fuels. Cut back on your electricity usage– there are tons of ways. Google it. Some obvious ones are turning your lights off and using natural lighting during the day, not leaving the television on all night or when you aren’t home, and unplugging unused electronics.