Read: less of it. If you are buying something new, choose the product that has the least amount of packaging, with hopefully most of that being recyclable.

The best option is buying used. Every time something is purchased new, demand for it increases and more are produced. Especially with electronics, opt for something that has already been purchased and isn’t going to be used otherwise. Not only are you saving it from the landfill, you’re saving all of the materials that would have been used in the product had it been bought new.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: in that order. Recycling last. If at all possible, don’t make the trash in the first place! Trash sucks.

Food waste is even worse. Fully one-third of food produced worldwide is wasted every year– and in your own house, it’s pretty easy to remove entirely. Check out your cupboard or fridge and make a list of what you need before you go, so you don’t get something you already have. FIFO! First in, first out. If something is on the verge of going bad, use it for your next meal! And when all else fails, compost. Don’t send food waste to the landfill!

Don’t use anything one-time only. Ziplock bags? Unless it’s all slimy it’ll probably work just as good as a new one. To-go containers? Wash them out and use them as storage. Water bottle? Refill it! Once whatever you’re using is completely toast, recycle! For weird materials that don’t fit your areas recycling codes, check out Terracycle.