The average American uses 100 GALLONS of water every day. Cut down on your shower time, turn off the faucet when washing dishes and brushing teeth, make sure your washing machine and dishwater all full before running. Just be conscious of your usage. Water is a finite resource.

Vegetarian and vegan diets require drastically less water than one heavy in meat. One pound of beef requires 1,847 gallons of water to produce. Broccoli, although not quite as delicious, requires 34 gallons/lb. (Another fun fact– per calorie, broccoli actually has more protein than beef, at 15 g/100 calories. Beef has 11 g/100 calories. But 100 calories of broccoli is quite a lot.) I certainly will never be accused of being a vegetarian, but try to cut back on meat when possible. You don’t need a burger or steak seven days a week.